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Xiao Bing 小冰 is a female voiced ‘Advanced Natural Language Chat-bot’ service available for free through We Chat. The service is eerily similar to the 2013 movie ‘Her’.

A film about a man who falls in love with his computer’s operating system named ‘Samantha’.

He should open a case against her for falsifying her intentions and potential scamming.

He was willing to give her money as a gesture of goodwill, but the sex was extra.

Thousands of men across China describe her as their ‘virtual girlfriend’.

Microsoft describe her as being “like an emotional companion”.

On the day of the handover, both sides were very excited.One day, using the service, she met a man named Zhao.She discovered that Zhao was single and so she began the process of flirting with him in order to eventually extort money from him.Miss Gao was looking forward to getting some RMB while Zhao was excited to have sex with a beautiful girl. When Zhao arrived at Gao’s apartment, he ‘forced’ her to have sex with him and gave her the money thereafter.Gao was filled with regret and shame after the incident and went to the police station to open a case against Zhao. Source: news.Keywords: Scam Man Through We Chat Shake Disclaimer: The content in this section is translated, edited or re-posted from a third-party source.

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