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Webcam girls forum

since she is treated as a contracted labor they collect NO taxes, social security or anything.

the models are allowed to continue to work unless some one forces the company to ask for social security # of the model but NO paper work is ever signed that the person can work in the US legally or if the info is truly the models info they only ask for a social security # also this person also will contact many of the users of the site out side of the site from the US and GB and ask for assistance in money or other means.

now this has become an addiction and illness for me the attention i get from the models and sexual desires causes me to have a severe addiction as to where i keep coming back and paying more and more.

these models also beg the members through emails and private messages for even more money through the website. Ive spent thousands of my fathers life insurance money on this.

she is NOT filing taxes in 2008 there is big money to be mae here You could go out and get a life and keep your computer turned off.

Maybe try to form a relationship with a real woman who doesn't require you to cough up dough to get her to act like she likes you.

It is unreasonable and unrealistic to expect to get your money back from indulging your sex addiction, either.

If I blow my family's budget buying Coke because it makes me happy to drink it, I can't sue the company for making available the product that is my "addiction." At some point people with so-called addictions need to be told to shut up and learn to control themselves.

All these "addictions" that are nothing more than someone not wanting to use willpower are making it much harder for those with real addictions to be taken seriously.

It is not surprising for the models on the site to make ,000.00 - ,000.00 Plus for 1 months work.

this site needs to enforce the USA work permit requirements that are in place not allow illegal people to work and make money in the USA and NOT pay taxes .

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You can still use the internet for non webcam sex purposes at the library.

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