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But this is one of those cases where the convenience and clarity may outweigh the dogma.Per Stuart's comment, this compares the final address with the original string instead of always returning C# will take it, but javascript is going to bomb. So you can't use Phil's solution for mvc validation attributes. I'm okay relaxing validation here as long as exchange server doesn't give me a 5.1.3.- Everything after the @ is Phil's solution modified for single letter domains.It's actually theoretically impossible to fully validate an email address using just a regular expression. using a DNS query ask if domain has a mail exchanger 3. using the smtp protocol, open a message to the server using the email address as the reciever 5. This is as you can imagine, very expensive time wise and relies on smtp, but it does work. If no MX records exist, SMTP should fall back to the A/AAAA record, as per RFC2821/5321.Check out my blog post about it for a discussion on the subject and a F# implementation using FParsec. If an MX record does exist, it still might not indicate a mail exchanger exists (RFC7505).Mail Address tries to parse a string with spaces into "Display Name" and "Address" portions, so the original version was returning false positives.

Defence in depth only works if each level of your security onion is not rotten. Rejecting "[email protected]" because you want to defend against vulnerabilities in Sun's µ-law encoding doesn't make sense, does it? The reason I am here commenting is that Medicare Australia doesn't allow ".au" addresses, only ".com".

Generally speaking, a regular expression to validate email addresses is not an easy thing to come up with; at the time of this writing, the syntax of an email address must follow a relatively high number of standards and implementing all of them within a regular expression is practically unfeasible! Disclaimer: I am the lead developer for this component. "Next, it tries to contact the mail exchanger responsible for the given email address and begins a fake SMTP dialog with that server, emulating a real mail server.

This way it ensures that the server can handle emails for the address.

Assuming the e-mail passes validation, you can then pass it through another validator that could look for a known top-level domain, check the domain for an MX record, check for spelling errors from common domain names (gmail.cmo), etc.

Then present a warning giving the user a chance to say "yes, my mail server really does allow 🌮🍳🎁 as an email address." As for using exception handling for business logic, I agree that is a thing to be avoided.

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The only way to truly verify whether an e-mail is valid is to send a test message.

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