Updating boss md2

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Updating boss md2

- This was somewhat evident when entering the Out of Order house, and I don't think it even needs to stay there.

The issue is the transition from the initial @Patrick: I don't get what you're trying to say. I'm using UUIDs to tell GRUB2 what device is which and I'm using UUIDs in There is a fallback mode, for when Grub can't actually read the filesystem—either because there wasn't enough space to embed all that code in the boot record, or because it doesn't know the filesystem or layers under it.

- Something needs to be done about this elevator switch, because some times it just crushes you (most likely if you spin). I'm not sure what's up with this - similar things happen to dropped items.

You could just make the button itself not stay solid and it'd fix the issue. In Speedwagon's gif, you can see that there are green rings that appear on occasion.

- The empanada trash/eraser/destroyer from the empanada hut doesn't seems to work.

- The spin effect remains the same size when you resize yourself.

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The initramfs is responsible for loading all the drivers, starting udev, and finding the root filesystem.

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