Thugs for sex chat

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Keior Sanders shows us why it is such a thing to want to visit such a great city. All models were at least 18 when they were photographed.

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When the pair reemerge, the MMA fighter has his rival in a choke hold with him legs wrapped around the man's torso for control.

Finally, it appears as if the thug's friend passes out before the MMA fighter throws him to the ground and retreats.

Mr Dhar, a father-of-two, said he would not have bravely fought off the carjackers had he not had an identical model stolen back in March.

The unnamed man jumps from his car and walks towards the thug, expertly avoiding the swing of the bat before catching him square on the chin with a hay-maker - knocking his foe clean out.

That pretty ass as he plays with it and a he's packing a nice piece as well that you can play with.

He works for the most powerful men in his city, is respected by the family, and doesnt usually mind the hours.

A shocked couple filming the scenes are heard calling for an ambulance and police as the man walks back to his car in victory.

Terrifying CCTV has captured the moment two masked carjackers battered a man with a golf club and a metal pole as he dropped his daughter off at a private lesson.

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