The vandals internet dating

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The vandals internet dating

During the Second World War though the Tunisians sided with the Allies even after much of France had fallen to Germany and they ceased to be in control.Tunisia was also of course a major battleground as the Allies fought for control of North Africa against the Axis powers controlled by Rommel the Dessert Fox.It is with the Romans that Tunis gained importance though, being rebuilt and becoming an important trading post and later city in its own right under the empire.Incursions by the Berbers weakened the North African part of the Roman Empire though and Vandals took control.Most Tunisians identify themselves as Arab though and the language is a Tunisian Arabic Dialect with many Berber influences and borrowed words.The Berber language however is still spoken in places in Tunisia, primarily in remote mountain and Saharan areas.Though there were other Phoenician cities that remained independent the Carthaginian empire started to spread and flourish, absorbing many other cities.

Tunisia remained independent until France came on to the scene at first controlling the nation unofficially through a series of treaties and the moving in of forces, initially to put down uprisings.Revolution in Tunisia may have been overdue but when it came it was relatively peaceful as has been the transition to a democracy meaning that the tourism industry in the country is stronger than ever, the coverage having possibly even highlighted Tunisia to potential tourists as a beautiful and progressive nation with a long and fascinating history.Tourism in the country is well developed and people welcoming, even in smaller towns and villages who see less visitors.Agriculture, mining and manufacturing are all important with Sfax the country’s main industrial centre.Tunisia’s Association Agreement with the European Union has seen the EU become a major trading partner with around 75% of imports and 75% of exports going from and to the EU respectively.

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Tourism as well is important to the Tunisian economy and certainly a short-term drop in tourism during uprisings against Ben Ali hurt some businesses.

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