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Teenage sex hookups site

I refused to confirm whether I was poz or neg, off meds or on them. There was some “poz talk” while we were fucking, but honestly it didn’t’ take long for me to blow my load.

It was like he was just going through the motions, but with intense desire.

In other words, his Christmas present to himself was going off Pr EP and his New Year’s resolution was to get pozzed. Load 2017-2 So middle of December I changed gyms from the rather boring (and sometimes hostile) YMCA in Harlem to a much friendlier chain of gyms.

Something tells me that’s one New Year’s resolution that might actually get fulfilled 😉 Now I’ve got this other bug chaser hitting me up. I wasn’t really thinking about sex at the time I made the change, but damn it became clear to me what I’d been missing the first time I worked out at the new gym.

Some have been boring, but others are quite active.

Usually it’s just guys jacking, occasionally there’s some quick oral action.

Which is good because I was really making progress – losing fat and gaining muscle.

Afterwards I came I stayed pretty hard and kept fucking him.

Just the idea of him wanting me to infect him was a huge turn on.

So the first time I went to the new gym there was this horny black “kid” (18 ) with a hardon under a wet towel that came into the sauna.

As other guys cleared out it was me, the kid and this (white) poz daddy.

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But his smile afterwards meant he must have been mostly clean. I threw the dirty towel in the bin and went and did my workout and then hit the steam room again afterwards, but that time around there was only just a few hardons.

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