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If there is anything else you need help with get in contact with Nigel, Sally and the team who will be happy to help! The results listed here include the current and previous rounds for Leamington & Warwick.

Scoring Information: You earn one point for every set you win.

If the case went to appeal, the indictment will record the outcome.

Information contained on the indictment includes: A copy indictment is usually attached to the indictment and includes a list of witnesses called to trial, along with repeating much of the information contained within the initial indictment.

Players who complete three or more matches by the mid-point of the round receive 2 bonus points, and a free can of balls which we will post to you.

Legend: Player, [LTA rating], [win/loss/tie tally], points won Comments: Reporters of results are encouraged to leave a comment on the "Report Your Score" form.

Information contained within a case file varies from one file to another but can include: committal proceedings, court logs, police statements, copy indictment, evidence for the prosecution, list of witnesses with their statements and depositions, list of exhibits produced in court, photographs of the crime scene, sentence, and detail of appeal.Some indictments are closed for extended periods, for example, indictments that identify minors, and are therefore not accessible.A case number is recorded on each indictment and will take the same format as in this example: ‘721717’.This research guide provides advice on finding records of the Crown Court and magistrates’ courts.Crown and magistrates’ courts replaced the assize and quarter sessions courts in 1971.

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