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Midland County Sheriff Jerry Nielson said deputies arrived at a home in the Sanford area on Tuesday afternoon where they traced a phone number to that Leigh had used to call her mother.

When they arrived at the home in the 5100 block of North Fox Road, deputies heard a loud boom.

Nielson asked that if anyone has information on the details of this case to contact the Midland County Sheriff's department at 989-839-4620 or the Saginaw Township Police department at 989-793-2310. Swanson's family had reached out to the man she went on the date with, but they said he was rude and hung up the phone once they indicated that they were going to contact police. Swanson's family said that the site she was a member of was Meet

"Leigh told me that she had a bad feeling about going on the date ... Her family also said her Facebook page just vanished shortly after her disappearance.

I said, 'don't go,'" Swanson's mother, Beverly Kane, explained. At this time, authorities have not confirmed Swanson's body was found near the residence and they have not drawn any specific connection to the date she was on and her death.

Since there are a lot of weird guys online, we took that as feedback to design a site where women are in power.

Deputies said they found human DNA in the home that did not belong to the dead man.

About 24% of people who divorced re-married at least one time in Michigan.

This list is a scientific analysis based on real data and is completely unbiased.

According to folks on City Data, EGR is different from many other communities.

It isn’t actually hard to meet people, new members of the community say.

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Then there are places that it seems it can be really hard to meet someone new.

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