Russian cyber sec chat

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Russian cyber sec chat

Michal Lev-Ram’s latest feature detailing the digital transformation of toymaker Mattel under the reign of ex-Googler Margo Georgiadis.The new chief is interested in collecting more voice data from its playthings, raising privacy and security concerns. When crafting a narrative about centuries to come, perhaps the best place to start is not with what will change, but what remains the same.The addition should give companies a leg up in responding to digital intrusions, freeing security teams to focus on higher level strategy.Rob Lefferts, head of security for Windows, previewed the news exclusively with recently excerpted in the magazine), voiced his skepticism about so-called digital gold, calling the mania for it a “bubble.” JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon echoed this view, reiterating his longtime distrust in a Friday interview in which he said the craze for cryptocurrencies will “end badly” (customer orders notwithstanding).Share today’s Data Sheet with a friend: The toymaker wasn’t recording or saving Dreamhouse owners’ voice commands — much less combining them into a system that could learn and evolve, otherwise known as natural language processing.“You want to know, how many times did she [the owner] talk to it, what questions does she ask that you don’t answer? For an executive schooled at Google, whose parent company Alphabet makes billion a year primarily by pumping data into algorithms and using it to serve up ads, this lapse was unfathomable.You may reach me via Twitter, Cryptocat, Jabber (see OTR fingerprint on my, PGP encrypted email (see public key on my, Wickr, Signal, or however you (securely) prefer. The breach has officials worried about the security of other government computer systems. The state of Massachusetts is suing the big-three credit bureau for failing to safeguard more than 140 million people’s personal information.Officials expect the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a federal watchdog agency created in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, also to punish the company.

Marc Rotenburg, president of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, argues in an op-ed for that Facebook should operate under the same laws that govern other media companies that sell political ads. Alphabet’s connected home unit Nest debuted the Cam IQ Camera Outdoor, a rugged security camera that can recognize visitors’ faces.

Kaspersky has said repeatedly it has no ties to any government and that allegations about its products being used to support Russian espionage are unfounded. intelligence agencies believe that the company and its president have had close ties to Russian political and intelligence officials since at least 2012, when a major shakeup of the firm’s executive ranks brought in new members with ties to Russia’s three main intelligence agencies, said one U.

The company said in a separate statement on Wednesday that “Kaspersky Lab believes it is completely unacceptable that the company is being unjustly accused without any hard evidence to back up these false allegations.” In its 20-year history, the company has abided by “the highest ethical business practices,” it said.

It’s hard to see how the situation will improve until everyone — even small-fry software vendors — takes responsibility and ups their digital defenses. just disclosed a 2016 data breach that may have allowed hackers to obtain and trade on inside information.

Robert Hackett @rhhackett [email protected] Robert Hackett here. The SEC’s financial filing database, called Edgar, had a vulnerability that the agency said it fixed “promptly,” but not before attackers used it to gain access to sensitive corporate information.

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