Rebecca dating in the dark

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Rebecca dating in the dark

This culminates in Lorelai giving Luke an ultimatum – marry her now or it's over.

Luke panics, and cannot commit, and Lorelai walks away.

While Lorelai helps Luke unload groceries in the storage room, Lorelai encourages Luke to take the plunge and commit to Rachel, Luke gets angry with Lorelai for taking Rachel's side.

Rachel asks Lorelai to put a good word with Luke if they talk about it.This marriage turns out to be a mistake and they divorce when Luke discovers Nicole is seeing another man.This discovery also results in Luke's arrest for beating up "the other man's" car.In particular, this comes to a head when Lorelai is eating at Luke's diner alone for Christmas and he lovingly makes her a Santa-themed burger.At this time, Lorelai hears news of her father's heart attack and panics; Luke announces an abrupt shutting down of the diner to drive her to the hospital.

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