Queen noor of jordan dating carlos slim

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Queen noor of jordan dating carlos slim

He stepped back out onto the dating scene and finally met his true match, Talulah.

Elon and Talulah married in 2010 and then called it quits after four years.

Even though Kate Greer isn’t technically a billionaire wife, we have to give her the benefit of the doubt since she has been dating Twitter and Sqaure, Inc. They have been off and on for years and have no children together since Dorsey has publicly said that Twitter and Square are basically his children.

When Kate’s not with Dorsey, she’s busy with a nonprofit organization called Campinteractive that helps children through technology and the outdoors.

Laurene and Steve met when she was an MBA student in the late 80s.

Laurene is a businesswoman known for founding Emerson Collective which advocates for education and immigration reforms.

Now she is a wife and mother and also super wealthy.

Before Erica Packer married the eighth richest man in Australia, James Packer, she was trying to make it big as a singer and a model.

Shortly after, Erica and James had three children together. After James Packer divorced part-time model Erica Packer, he did not wait long to move on.One of Steve Jobs’ best decisions was marrying the love of his life Laurene Powell.She is a powerful and accomplished woman in her own right and can hardly be called a trophy wife.Billionaire George Soros got very lucky on his 82nd birthday when he married the beautiful 42-year-old pharmacist Tamiko Bolton.Tamiko became George’s third wife when the couple got married in 2013 at a lavish wedding weekend that took place in Bedford, New York.

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Then, in a turn of events, Musk and Riley got remarried in 2013 and then divorced again in 2016!