Quechup dating

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Quechup dating

However, administrative and religious use of Quechua was terminated in the late 18th century, when it was banned from public use in Peru in response to the Túpac Amaru II rebellion.Despite a brief revival of the language immediately after independence in the 19th century, the prestige of Quechua had decreased sharply.

Today, Quechua has the status of an official language in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, along with Spanish.Within these two groups, there are few sharp boundaries, making them dialect continua.However, there is a secondary division in Quechua II between the grammatically simplified northern varieties of Ecuador, Quechua II-B, known there as Kichwa, and the generally more conservative varieties of the southern highlands, Quechua II-C, which include the old Inca capital of Cuzco.In the Cuzco region, Quechua was influenced by local languages such as Aymara.The Cuzco variety of Quechua developed as quite distinct.

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In recent years, Quechua has been introduced in Intercultural bilingual education (IBE) in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, which is, however, reaching only a part of the Quechua-speaking population.

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