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Palawan dating

There are approximately 215 caves in the reservation, 38 of which have been established to be of archaeological and anthropological significance.

To date, only seven caves are accessible and open to the public.

The palaeoanthropological evidence suggests that all remains pertain to modern Pléistocène supérieur du Sud-Est asiatique, les restes humains de la grotte de Tabon [12] sont fréquemment cités dans la littérature, malgré l'absence de données paléoanthropologiques publiées.

Une coopération franco-philippine a permis de confirmer la grande importance des découvertes effectuées dans les années 1960 : un os frontal et deux fragments mandibulaires ont été récemment décrits et datés pour la première fois [9].

La description paléoanthropologique et de nouvelles datations des fossiles humains de la grotte de Tabon sont proposées et discutées dans ce travail.Construction of terminal buildings old section and Phase 2's rehabilitation and upgrading project will also start.The national government allocated almost P150 million for the upgrading of the airport terminal and for the purchase of baggage conveyors, air-conditioning units and other equipment and materials inside the airport.Although there is only one cave originally named Tabon, all caves in Lipuun Point Reservation have become collectively known as Tabon Cave Complex where numerous archaeological artifacts have been discovered. 996 declared the cave complex and all of Lipuun Point in Quezon, Palawan a site museum reservation.This declaration ensures the protection and preservation of the caves and the immediate vicinity from deforestation and destruction.

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