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Hacking wind farms, the DEF CON 101 panel, hacking the human genome - it’s a nice assortment of subjects. High Wiz, Malware Unicorn, Niki7a, Roamer, Wiseacre, Shaggy - DEF CON 101 Panel Inbar Raz, Eden Schochat - From One Country, One Floppy to Startup Nation Jason Hernandez, Sam Richards, Jerod Mac Donald-Evoy Tracking Spies in the Skies John Sotos - Genetic Diseases to Guide Digital Hacks of the Human Genome Matt Wixey - See no evil, hear no evil: Hacking invisibly & silently with light & sound Octane - Untrustworthy Hardware and How to Fix It Snide Owen - Phone system testing and other fun tricks Whitney Merrill, Terrell Mc Sweeny - Tick, Tick, Tick Boom You're Dead: Tech & the FTC Jason Staggs - Breaking Wind: Adventures Hacking Wind Farm Control Networks Enjoy, embiggen, and pass it on.More videos for your edification and enlightenment from the DEF CON 25 Bio Hacking Village. The Voting Machine Hacking village talks from DEF CON 25 are on You Tube!(This math does make some assumptions about sleep and general life maintenance - be safe out there).

Jake Braun - Securing the Election Office: A Local Response Joseph Hall, David Jefferson - Common Misconceptions and False Parallels Matt Blaze - How did we get here? The wise hacker never underestimates the human factor - unlike machines and code humans are eager to be fooled and notoriously difficult to patch. Renda 'Twas the week before DEF CON By Zack Fasel Don't Forget About the Q&A Sessions by The Suggmeister How Do I Make My CFP Stand Out? Live on You Tube, Car Hacking Village Video from DEF CON 25! DEF CON CFP: Thinking Back and Moving Forward by Nikita Bridging the Gap: Dispersing Knowledge through Research Presented at DEFCON by Aditya K Sood, Ph D Hackers and Healthcare: A Call To Arms by Christian “quaddi” Dameff, MD and Jeff “r3plicant” Tully, MD The DEF CON CFP Process by Leah DEF CON Bittorrent Configuration Guide Announcement by Dark Tangent Disrupting Robotic Homeostasis And Artificial Intelligent Systems With Electromagnetic Pulse by Paul F.If you’ve spent any time with the BHV, you know the kind of cutting edge information they bring to the conference.If you haven’t, there’s no better time than right now. We’ve managed to get a bunch more rooms at Caesars Palace into our special rate block.

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Why It's Gone and Never Coming Back Tess Schrodinger - Total Recall Implanting Passwords in Cognitive Memory Weston Hecker - Opt Out or Deauth Trying! Prepare to have your commitment to workplace productivity tested. You can even watch the presentation live on CSPAN 2 - The Dark Tangent is headlining the event!