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The nudist area starts about 1km north of the main beach area, between poles 96.5 and 98.

There are two beach pavilions catering for this area of the beach, and other sanitary facilities are also available.

The beach area at Het Twiske is clearly divided into sections for nudists and non-nudists.

The nudist area (Baaiegatstrand) was greatly improved in time for the 2011 season after a brief period of closure.

Bussloo is one of the largest nudist beach zones, consisting of large sunbathing meadows and smaller sandy beach areas.

There are kiosks and toilets on site, as well as a proper swimming area.

Each pavilion has its own individual rules though, so it is always best to check before you enter unclothed: These pavilions clearly state their rules, so newcomers can see them.

There is also a boules/pétanque court and a volleyball court on the beach, for anyone who fancies a quick game.Be sure to check out: The best beaches in the Netherlands There are some secluded beaches which are entirely dedicated to social nudity, whereas other beaches have official nudist areas which are clearly marked.On beaches with specific nudist areas, it is important that appropriate levels of clothing are always worn on all other areas of the beach.There are also some informal spots which have not been formally sanctioned by the local authorities and are not officially marked out, however, most beach users understand that these are nudist areas.If you are in doubt, check how others on the beach are dressed.

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