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Whether it is considered taboo, a non-issue or a private matter, a wall of silence often envelopes the issue, making it one of the most entrenched and difficult human rights violations to dislodge and eradicate.Therefore, activists, campaigners and charities/nonprofits often have to get creative in highlighting the seriousness and severity of gender-based violence and its impact on the well-being of communities and societies as a confrontational approach may backfire, cause a backlash or simply not work.Here, she tackles the thorny subject of domestic violence from the point of view of a neighbour’s child who lives with and witnesses domestic abuse and the silence he/she imposes on his/herself because it’s too painful to talk about.Song Number 10: Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin – Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin duet about the joy of women’s empowerment and independence in this 1980s music video that features a montage of news visuals featuring everyone from 1920s suffragettes to female world leaders, sportspersons, astronauts and other high achievers.Song Number 11: The Story – Annie Di Franco Ani Di Franco sings about enduring street harassment and how: “I would have returned your greeting/ if it weren’t for the way you were looking at me/ this street is not a market/ and I am not a commodity.” With a thoughtful and lovely acoustic guitar melody, this song invites introspection and thought about what she has to say.Song Number 12: Superwoman – Alicia Keys Alicia Keys sings this inspiring mantra-like song about the long road to women’s empowerment, about women fighting to achieve as much as possible with their lives and about how women can brave even the most stressful and hopeless situations to live the lives they want to live.At the age of eight, she already had a band named .

The subject of Violence Against Women (VAW) is a difficult one to discuss and face for most people, cultures and communities.Since she shot to stardom, she has always included a song about empowerment in all her albums.Song Number 4: Goodbye Earl – The Dixie Chicks The Dixie Chicks sing this song about an abusive husband and how his wife’s best friend found out and worked with his wife to poison him as a defensive move so she can escape the violence.——————————————————————————————————————– Song Number 1: 18 Wheeler – Pink Pop-rock star Pink sings about standing up to one’s abuser and how abuse can’t keep a strong woman down and a call-to-action to women to draw on their courage and resilience.Song Number 3: Fighter – Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera and her mother fled the domestic violence of her abusive father when she was a child.

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This song riffs on the same theme explored in the movie and book, Song Number 5: I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor This is the classic Disco-era empowerment anthem of a strong woman who throws out a lover who treated her badly and who knows her own worth.

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