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I beat the game on normal, then farmed halos to unlock everything, then tried to fight Rodin.

I was getting my ass kicked over and over and over, so I decided to blast through Very Easy to unlock the Marionette, thinking that maybe the targeting would help me out.

Both services offer posting to dozens of social networks from a number of different sources, so you may simply want to try both and decide which one you like best.

This is a simple solution, because it's the same as the previous section.

Facebook added a way for you to send photos or videos to your profile page via email.

It also includes a URL shortening function as well, and you can set whether you'd like tiny URL or url Borg as your short URL service in the preferences.But that's no reason to leave your Facebook profile barren, because you don't even have to make it all the way to Facebook to update your status.Here are some methods of updating your Facebook profile when on the go or while using some of the other networks and services you already use.Thanks to commenters Robert Basil and Andrew for pointing out that there's another great option that could belong either in this category or in the status update services section below: Posterous is another excellent service that will easily update several social services including Facebook by email.Status update services are emerging out of the swelling sea of social sites and the growing need to manage them all.

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