Kaitlin sandeno dating ryan lochte

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Something about sunscreen, she would have no trouble finding someone who could overlook those concerns.

Whatever the reasons, the current generation of Olympic swimmers is pairing up like crazy, and perhaps (no pressure) preparing to create a new breed of super-swimmers that will dominate the aquatics scene.

You also have to accept that for about 6-8 weeks, during a swimmer’s peak training season, your significant other is probably going to be cranky most of the time.

Perhaps this is why swimmers so often seem to date their own kind.

If they end up getting married, their future children are destined for greatness in the pool…or maybe on the basketball court. Peter Mankoc and Triin Aljand (“Man Jand”)- These two names don’t evoke a ton of Olympic memories, mostly because of their specialties, but they’re still two great swimmers who have been together for years.

Aljand, of Estonia, is a former star at Texas A&M who once set the NCAA record in the 50 free (that was never ratified).

Manaudou has been in some high-profile relationships in the past, but I think Alabama is a good place for them to raise their child, as it allows them to fly under the radar and avoid the spotlight a little bit. Ricky Berens and Rebecca Soni (“Rick Becca”)- Like Klueh, Berens recently headed from Texas to the Sunshine State to join his significant other, only he was headed to Trojan Aquatics in Los Angeles.

Soni is the best thing going in the women’s breaststroke (swimming?

Coughlin and Hall, who is a coach for the Crow Canyon Sharks, were married in April of 2009 during her 18-month swimming hiatus. There are surely more high-profile swimming couples out there than this. Last year, she won bronze at the European short course Championships in the 50 fly, and has a ton of power in the sprints.Mankoc, from Slovenia, has only a single, major long course medal to his name (bronze from Euro’s in the 100 fly in 2008), but his short course resume is as deep as anybody’s: he won 9 consecutive European short course gold medals in the 100 IM, a feat that’s never been matched by any swimmer in any event.Hall was a decent swimmer in his own right (he’s a former 15-16 NAG record holder in the 200 breaststroke), but his biggest stamp on swimming will be from the sprinters he’s producing out at Crow Canyon that includes Sr. Neil Scott Walker (born June 25, 1976) is an American former competition swimmer, four-time Olympic medalist, and former world record-holder in multiple events.

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Michael Klueh and Emily Brunneman (“Klueh Neman”) – This is a match made in heaven.