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He is also the inventor of several popular cybersecurity technologies, and the author of books and articles on information security and business-related topics. Joseph There appears to be evidence that user information belonging to the Friend Finder Network of adult sites - including Adult Friend Finder, self-described as "one of the world's largest sex hookup" sites, and various pornographic sites such as and - was stolen by hackers in October.

Worse yet, it appears that the sites may have maintained information on deleted accounts - so, even people who had accounts and later deleted them may be exposed.

Joseph Steinberg is a cybersecurity expert and entrepreneur.

He is CEO of Secure My Social, which recently brought to market the world's first system to warn people in real time if they are making inappropriate social media posts.

An LFI vulnerability is a mistake in the code running on a website, that when exploited by hackers allows them, in most cases, to force the vulnerable site to display information from files found on the site's server.

(It can actually allow much more - sometimes allowing execution of a particular file that should not be executed - but I simplify for the sake of this article.) Instead of a website returning the proper result to a query for information, for example, it might send to the user's web browser the contents of a sensitive file such as a user database found on the server.

The family told KTTC-TV they first noticed the problem when they heard music coming from the baby's room."We were sleeping in bed, and basically heard some music coming from the nursery, but then when we went into the room the music turned off," said the child's mother, who wishes to remain anonymous.

They encourage people who choose to keep using video monitors to change their passwords on their accounts frequently.

HOUSTON - A Houston mother has a warning for any parent who uses surveillance cameras in their house, after a live stream of her daughters’ bedroom ended up online.

Passwords - apparently improperly protected on the adult network - may have leaked as well.

Here is what seems to have happened: In October, a researcher who goes by the name "1x0123" on Twitter (and "Revolver" elsewhere), posted screenshots showing a Local File Inclusion vulnerability (LFI) being exploited on the Adult Friend Finder site.

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