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Harmony ukulele serial number dating

Harmony instruments carried many brand names, Valencia, Johnny Marvin, Vogue, Airline, Fender, Kay and Regal are a few of the more notable names which Harmony produced several models of guitars, but Silvertone offered by Sears is probably the most common.

Later in the 70's the Harmony name was sold to be used on Asian guitars.

By 1923, Harmony stated annual sales of 250,000 units. 1928) Harmony introduced the first of many Roy Smeck models. Click Here) The first models were called the Roy Smeck Vita series.

In 1930, annual sales were reported to be 500,000 units sold.

They continued to turn in impressive annual sales figures right up till the company was dissolved.

This allowed the floodgates to open and the world saw Asian companies take the low to medium grade instrument market away from the American companies. in Chicago ceased operations and had a huge three day auction. In 2009, the Harmony trademark and all intellectual property was acquired by Westheimer corpoaration in Northbrook , IL.

The auction was huge since it was two city blocks under one roof. In 2011 they debuted the New Harmony Vintage Reissue series.

He developed the short-necked banjeaurine with a 12" or 13" head around 1885 but never applied for a patent.

His adoption of the "silver wrapped rim" (for which, in a speech and later in a self-publsihed booklet titled The Banjo Philosophically he credited the devlopment to two Troy, NY banjo makers, William Farham and Albert Wilson) set him apart in the early years before such rims became most common.

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America where labor costs are low was starting to show.