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[Read: How to avoid the friend zone and make your friend desire you] The only time it can get rather confusing is when you have a huge crush on the person who asks you out or asks you to hang out, and your mind’s all muddled with love, and every single act or behavior of your ‘friend’ seems convincingly like date-like behavior.Disguising a date as hanging out If a guy gives you flowers, it’s pretty obvious he has a date in mind.It’s always easier to just play it safe, use the excuse of hanging out and impress the person very, very slowly.And for anyone who’s on the other side of the table, this can be a huge dilemma. Does this person like you or are they just very friendly and warm?[Read: 36 naughty and funny questions for flirty guys and girls] #5 Of exes and flings.

Is your friend all spruced up and looking like a shiny penny, when you clearly know what they’re wearing while hanging out isn’t regular hanging out attire? If your friend likes you, they’d want to know everything about you.

On the other hand, if he says he just wants to hang out as friends, he could still have feelings for you.

So trying to decode the words a guy or a girl uses to ask you out isn’t really going to be very helpful.

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Friends don’t thank another friend for having a good time while hanging out! And even if there is some thanking involved at the end of the hanging-out/date, there’s a clear difference between “I had an awesome time, we should do this again! I’d love to see you again…” [Read: 20 signs of romantic attraction in a conversation between friends] As confusing as figuring out if it is a date or just hanging out may seem, it’s actually pretty simple if you use these tips and learn to read between the lines.

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It doesn’t matter whether a guy or a girl says “it’s a date” or “let’s hang out” over the phone while asking you to spend time together.