Equestrian dating edmonton

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The scene is a stark contrast to his former life, when he was homeless in the inner city, addicted to crack and alcohol.“I wasn’t going to survive another winter,” Neis said.She stressed equine therapy isn’t superior to other types of treatment: “If you think the horse is magical, or powerful … He’s no longer leery about accepting help from others, he said, and has found solace in nature.that’s what it will be for you.”For Neis, equine therapy has been a necessary alternative. But it’s been a challenging road.“When you’re living on the street, you’re living through some type of trauma,” he said.

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Five years later, he’s living in an apartment and remains sober.

“I was four years clean coming out here, but I still had problems,” he explained, noting that he needed to examine underlying causes of his addictions.

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