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The proof sheet is very playful, with him resting his elbow on my head, that kind of thing.

Not long after that I just started stepping into these things without always telling people.

They want the celebrity in the magazine, so they more or less conform to the image the publicist and his client are trying to project at any given time.

Growing numbers of teenagers, convinced they have been born in the wrong body, are switching gender.

It’s almost impossible, though, not to reveal something about yourself. When I started working commercially my subjects were mostly solos—until I jumped into the frame myself.

And the kitten jumped on the counter while Jack Black was shaving. Later that night I got a call from his publicist, who was a powerful dude in Hollywood. They are powerful people here, and magazines are somewhat at their mercy. So I printed that photograph and brought it to the shoot. When I was doing online dating, girls would say, “Hey, if you’re a photographer, you must have a website.” My mother was mortified at some of the pictures I had on there, especially the earlier ones. Jack Black was one of my first shoots when I was new to L. Comedians can be dark people, and he was kind of pensive. She was the ideal subject: smart, witty, totally into it. She came up with one shot where she’s writing in lipstick on the men’s room mirror. After 12 years in New York, we just moved back to L. Ironically, recently I’ve been shooting a lot for the . At one point he was in the bathroom in his underwear, his gut’s hanging out—very much like the self-portraits I was doing at the time—not the most complimentary physically, but it was good, and it was funny. And I’m like, “Dude, I’m giving you my word”— I always stick with my word. I started doing it with all my shoots, celebrities or not. Over the years I just started to quickly explain, “Hey, I do this with all my shoots.” But I do feel very self-conscious, as if I’m wasting their time.I realize that they know it’s just for me, this thing I do, and they don’t mind.

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