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Datingcoachdiaries com

But then, after only a few years, just as we started finally coming around to this new life and step-father, the unthinkable happened again, believe it or not… But aside from some occasional teenage rebelliousness, I decided that I would NOT live my life as a victim of some sad circumstances.

I would not be some troubled kid who people felt sorry for. I started seeing my life as an opportunity instead, and my purpose here became more and more clear.

My parents’ relationship didn’t work out, so I was going to make sure MY relationship did, so I can have the happy, fairy-tale marriage and family that I never got to fully have.

I have 2 wonderful older brothers, a mom and dad whom I love, and a close circle of family friends.Within a few hours, our entire home was cleared out.You could hear our voices echo again through the high vaulted ceilings of the now empty house.My parents have always put us in the best private Catholic schools and took us to Church every Sunday followed by dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.We would spend weekends out on my dad’s boat, sailing to Catalina and the surrounding islands frequently, BBQ-ing while listening to my dad’s favorite tunes of Natalie Cole or The Doors (probably where I get my random taste in music from)….

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And fast-forward to the present, here I am now today.

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