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Dating oahu

The calendar below includes all events at the Hawaii Convention Center currently confirmed for the coming months.

Many offer links to event websites, and we invite you to contact our Events Department for additional information, available by phone at (808) 943-3500 or by email at [email protected]

The tale may be tragic, but the location is a gorgeous place to watch both sunsets and the occasional pod of dolphins.

Experience a magical Molokai sunset in a place worthy of (royalty).

There are a number of places around Oahu that offer cooking classes, including the culinary arts program at Kapiolani Community College.

The school provides several half-day cooking and baking classes in February, including one focused on making light desserts and another on Italian pasta and sauces (both on February 15).

Witness the raw power of Pele during a hike through the Kilauea Iki crater.

This 4-mile loop traverses rain forests lush with ferns and native birds, before descending across a long-since solidified—but still steaming—lava lake.

The spectacular sunsets, however, are always complimentary.Enhance your outing by adding fresh Perigord truffles, having wine pairings or even splurging on the six-course dinner option. Sundays, though the garden is open daily from 9 a.m. with a network of trails to keep any couple occupied.Experience a garden Grab some sandwiches or a traditional Hawaiian plate (two scoops of white rice, a mound of macaroni salad and a meat entrée) from Waiahole Poi Factory and head to the sprawling Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden, a 400-acre oasis in Kaneohe on Oahu’s windward side that’s chock-full of native, endangered and rare plants. Cook together Or simply ditch dinner reservations altogether and make your own romantic meal.In the late 1860s, King Kamehameha V had 1,000 coconut trees planted on 10 acres in what is now Kapuaiwa coconut grove to honor his 1,000-member army, as well as to shade his royal bathing ponds. The best place to view the grove, and watch the dipping sun, is at the adjacent Kiowea Beach Park.Note: Falling coconuts can pose a serious danger, so be mindful of the Kapuaiwa park signage.

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On Valentine’s Day, this regional Hawaiian eatery offers a special four-course dinner featuring prime steak, local lobster pot pie, hamachi and caviar tartare, and a decadent chocolate cake — all paired with wine and served at sunset.