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Dating ftort nelson

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Looking for help to whip up new material, he began holding weekly songwriting ses- sions wit h Brinsfield and Dugger.

On "Wild World," a socially - conscious song about embracing diversity and loving your neighbor, the crew recorded live, al- lowing the sounds of the outside world — including a passing a mbulance, its siren blaring — to filter their way into the finished track.

While Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors worked on Souvenir at Pisapia's home studio, America endured the final days of a dark, contentious election that seemed to leave everyone — both winners and losers — in a state of exhausted unhappiness.

For Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors, that journey is still going.

Sou venir is the newest memento from that trip, its songs shining a light on the band's past while also pointing toward the next destination.

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He turns a new corner with 2017's Souvenir , a highly - collaborative album that finds Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors fo- cusing on the things that truly stick with you — including family and friends, music and memo- ries, people and places — in a fast - movi ng world.

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