Dating egyptian american men

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Dating egyptian american men

Even if [the husband’s family] know that he’s in the wrong, they will always take his side.” She even discussed how one member in her ex-husband’s family tried to convince her to work things out despite the husband’s numerous indiscretions.

Finally when Kirsten refused to budge on the matter, the female family member suggested that if the man felt the urge to cheat, he should have just married a second wife.

One foreign woman, Kirsten*, married Mohamed* in 2001 and was pregnant with her first child just three months later.She opted to leave him and began divorce proceedings in the beginning of 2010 (it was not finalized until November of that year).Kirsten wishes that she would have known certain things prior to marriage, including having the option to live with Mohamed.There is a specific office at the Ministry of Justice that deals with foreigners.Men must pay a dowry, set by the female, before a legal union.

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She said that once children became involved, her life took on a new role.