Dating a srv stratocaster

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He was notoriously hard on tremolo arms and would break them frequently.As shown in the video, the finish on the Number One’s upper body is worn down to the bare wood near the point where the tremolo arm ends.

This is a list and description of the guitars and other equipment played by musician Stevie Ray Vaughan.The guitar was given to him by the owner of Ray Henning's Heart of Texas music shop in Austin, Texas in 1973 and was his main performing instrument and companion.Vaughan used the guitar on all five of his studio albums and on Family Style.Hennig himself had bought it from Chris Geppert, a musician who would later find fame under the name of Christopher Cross.The very next day, Hennig traded the instrument to Vaughan in exchange for a blue Stratocaster that he had loaned to him.

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At some point Vaughan removed the pickups for repair work and saw that they were date-stamped 1959, leading him to refer to the guitar as a 1959 Strat. When the guitar needed a new tremolo, Vaughan could only find a left-handed unit.

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