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American pottery design dating

Today antique and vintage Rookwood Pottery can easily command high prices and individual piece can rank alongside the best pottery Europe can produce.

Antique and vintage Rookwood pottery is definitely worth collecting.

The Rookwood airbrush, called the mouth atomizer, was developed by Rookwood to apply glazes in an innovative way.Glaze notations are also used on some Rookwood pieces, were V is for vellum glazes, W for iris glazes and SG for sea green, etc.Artist decorated Rookwood pottery will have similar markings with the addition of an artists initials or cypher.Rookwood Pottery is still producing ceramics, particularly tiles, of the highest quality and with the same true artistic talent that sets antique and collectible Rookwood Pottery as one to watch out for.I do offer a very convenient and flexible layaway plan on all pieces shown on the site or in my inventory.

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Earlier marks, like the sample at top left below, show the typical reversed R with the P logo and a small selection of four flame marks above. Rookwood Pottery from c1900 has fourteen flames surrounding the Rookwood trademark.

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