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During that time, the migraines only struck a handful of times a month, which might seem crippling for most people, but for Louise, this was progress.But after the study ended, she gradually drifted from the routine, and the migraines returned with a vengeance. Twice she was hospitalized for several days for a “cocktail” of IV drugs—narcotics, steroids, NSAIDs, and anti-nausea drugs to try to break the cycle of the migraines that now sometimes lasted up to ten days.Louise’s first migraine struck when she was in her twenties in graduate school.

The water is then further polished by passage through the vadose zone soil envelope and eventually replenishes groundwater supplies.

The overflow inlet is equipped with an integral screen, which is in turn covered by a vented cylindrical shield.

This feature blocks the passage of hydrocarbons and other floating constituents, and instead isolates and contains them inside the settling chamber.

Drainage System represents the state-of-the-art single chambered design for landscaped areas.

This drywell is best described as a treatment BMP which utilizes infiltration to help replenish groundwater.

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Her field of vision filled with stars, which was intriguing but worrisome. It was excruciating and frightening, unlike anything she’d ever felt. She was in the school’s infirmary for a few days before the episode ended. Given the severity and frequency of Louise’s migraines in her forties, the neurologist labeled her a “migraineur” who was at risk of stroke and heart attack, and “qualified” for preventive medicine, adding that there was no cure, nor even a reliable prevention method.

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