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The front cover is also adorned with the words: "A work perused, exactly perfected, every where corrected and enlarged, and inriched by the Author, with Additions of many witty Poems, and pleasant Songs. This summer we worked with You Gov to find out what motivates UK home buyers and reveal the challenges they are facing before, during and after buying a home." the book points out that French and Irish soldiers haven't managed to kill off all the good men - so don't take the first offer you get."Besides," it adds, "you will get better Conditions if the Enemy does not know how weak you are within.

The auctioneers' book specialist Matthew Haley expects it to fetch about £2,000.

The Oxford English Dictionary has no entry for squinath, but lists squinanth as a kind of rush, whose flowers were used for medicinal purposes.

Those wishing to target particular flabby or sagging areas had more of challenge.

"It's an extraordinary book, offering advice to women of all classes on a wide range of subjects," he said.

"You could call it the Cosmopolitan of its day." Scroll down for more And a few chat-up tips from a 17th century lads' mag These days, complimenting a woman on her decolletage is a surefire way to end up before a sexual harassment tribunal.

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And, in a section that some modern celebrities could take to heart, the manual cautions readers against starving themselves.

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